The Company was founded in 1949 and has more than 60 years of experience with all types of steel castings. In that time, we have produced in excess of 400,000 tons of carbon, high alloy and refractory steel. Guivisa produce pieces from 5 kg up to 8.000 kg and with 90 Employees it has a capacity of 4.500 tons per year.

Guivisa exports more than 85 % of its products and they could be found in a wide diversity of sectors, where automotive, railway, Naval&Offshore or Renewable energies could be highlited.

Our experience and wide knowledge in the steel casting make us specialist and allow us to work with the highest standard materials and mechanical requirements with the best quality.


Establish as a Europe leading casting foundry with a sustainable and long lasting growth.


Guivisa´s vision is to deliver quality with competitive costs giving best services to its customers.


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  • Our philosophy at GUIVISA stresses the importance of Health and Safety and our strategy is to promote a positive health and safety culture in the workplace to ensure the wellbeing of our employees; a culture which does not tolerate unsafe behaviour.

    For GUIVISA, Client satisfaction is crucial and to this end we have directed much effort to the continual development of quality control measures to provide the assurances that guarantee the total quality of our company.

    We consider it of the utmost importance that all work carried out on GUIVISA premises is executed to the highest standard possible and under the strictest of Health and Safety conditions to the eventual benefit for all of us who work there every day.

    To this end the GUIVISA management is committed to promoting and leading a drive for continuous improvement in our health and safety at work policy and to do all that is necessary to make this happen.

    The management is convinced that this is a task for everyone. It will not compromise in its efforts to achieve this and at the same time requires from everyone a sense of responsibility and positive commitment.

  • As a steel casting foundry, GUIVISA is involved in an activity that has potential environmental repercussions.

    High on our list of priorities is our duty of care for the environment which we consider to be essential both in terms of our continuing obligation to society and ensuring the continuity of our business.

    GUIVISA is committed to strictly following current legislation at all times.

    Given its proximity to the Ibaizabal River, and its situation in an area of potentially high atmospheric pollution, GUIVISA is committed to a policy of environmental protection by reducing the impact of its processes and end products. Our emphasis is on pollution prevention. This is achieved through the introduction of sustainable practices and through continuous “performance and control” environmental improvement.

    GUIVISA is also committed to minimising the use of finite natural resources. It will put special emphasis on recycling inert residues and also put to appropriate use other residues that are eligible for special treatment.

    GUIVISA is committed to promoting amongst all personnel at every level and with all business partners and financial institutions with which it associates regularly; a sense of responsibility to the environment. It will provide the necessary resources to accomplish this.

    GUIVISA will develop and put in place systems and mechanisms that strive for and encourage constant improvements and so facilitate the achievement of the above mentioned objectives.

  • Guivisa is a private company dedicated to the steel casting, founded in Basauri in 1949 by some Biscay’s businessmen with the only purpose of creating wealth in its broadest sense. Wealth for their promoters, creators and owners, wealth in all the people that are part of the company, wealth in the society where it is located and in all entities, customers, suppliers who relates during its working life.

    To reach the wealth generation in all around, it should get to be profitable and competitive and for that it shall provide all human and material resources as necessary.

    The competitiveness management and profitability of the company must take into account and respect the dignity and freedom of the people who are part of them. It must respect and promote compliance with applicable laws. Must respect and contribute to the environmental sustainability of our environment.

    Also, it require ethical behavior, moral and compliance of existing laws to all employees in all commercial, mercantile and employment relationships, in order not to accept corrupt and illegal behavior or actions that may impair or alter the good practices in the company.