GUIVISA products are aimed at a diverse and demanding market and consequently our production is driven by the demands and necessities of that market. GUIVISA is committed to satisfying that demand according to market requirements within the limits imposed by the norms and requirements that are stipulated under contract.

To this end we have in place the organization, the staff and the facilities to develop an efficacious production system, of very high quality and service to provide full customer satisfaction.

We strive to constantly improve not only the intrinsic quality of our products but also the service to our customers and our costs, ultimately to their benefit.

The management of GUIVISA supports, participates and cares for the maintenance and improvement of the quality control system under which it works to reduce the failure rate with a resultant improvement in our costs, our service and excellence of customer care.

GUIVISA management actively encourages and sees the participation of all its workers as an essential part in the development of an efficient and productive working environment contributing to the ultimate welfare of everyone. Suppliers, customers and workers.